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Holly Lake Ranch, Texas

Brush/Recycle Sites

Brush Collection

Second Saturday of each month 8:30am - Noon

Even if it rains the site will be open. When raining the site has held up very well

without anyone ever being stuck.

Holly Lake Ranch Brush Collection Burn Site

Volunteers who are also residents of Holly Lake Ranch operate the brush collection site. The site is for the collection of brush, leaves and tree limbs removed from the property of Holly Lake Ranch property owners. The site can receive only these materials. The reason is the State of Texas Air Quality management office regulates the site. A permit has to be obtained by Holly Lake Ranch Staff in order to burn the brush once it is collected. An official from the state's air Quality office inspects the site prior to the requested burn. If any material other than brush, leaves or tree limbs is found the permit is not issued and the site cannot burn the materials. The volunteers on duty really appreciate your cooperation.

The site is located on the county road that runs next to the airport.  Turn off of 2869 onto this road, travel past the airport and watch for the gate opening to the site on the left hand side of the road.

Where can I take my materials other than brush,

i.e. pressure treated lumber, etc...?

You can place pressure treated wood, steel, aluminum, iron and other metal items

in your waste container which is picked up weekly in front of your home.

Volunteer Coordinator for HLR Brush Collection Site

Jay Blint

E-Mail cattaillake@gmail.com

903 769 2693


to these other WOOD COUNTY locations:

Hawkins Transfer Station:

Location: County  Road 3940 north of Highway 14. Approx. 3.5 miles from HLR gate - from HLR gate  - south on 2869 - right at the Chevron (3920) left 3940 - station is on left approx 1/2 mile

Hours: Tues-Fri 12pm - 5pm Saturday 9am - 2pm.

Fee: Based on item(s) and volume.

Accepts - anything except hazardous materials

More info. Telephone: 903-769-3645

Winnsboro Transfer Station:

Location: FM Road 312 North of 2088 Approx. 15 miles from HLR gate

Hours:Tues - Saturday 9am - 5 pm

Fee: Based on item(s) and volume  i.e. $1 per 30 gal. bag others based on item and/or volume.

Accepts -  anything except hazardous materials

More info. Telephone: 903-629-3436

Questions about what you have - call first and ask the question also check hours.

The $5 fee helps pay for the permit and the siteprep prior to a controlled burn by the HLVFD.

Photo by

Jerry Hibbs

Controlled Brush Dump burn by HLVFD

Re-Cycle Center

OPEN the 2nd Saturday of the month

9am - noon

Located on 2869

between Bank Texas and the Airport

Not acceptable:


Waxed cardboard

Egg cartons or Styrofoam

Cooking Oil

Tin Cans


Foil or Pie Plates

Do not

leave items when station is not manned.

You could be ticked for littering