Greens Committee

Meeting Minutes



Thursday November 7, 2013


President Richard Trice, called the meeting to order.

Committee Members Present

Richard Trice, President, John Fruendt, Vice President, Rob James, General Manager, Greg Demko, Board Representive, Clayton Wood, Course Superintendent, Carl Worley, Golf Club Professional, Jackie Kranz, 18 hole WGA President and Secretary, Janie Johnson, 9 hole WGA President, Steve Gowan, MGA President, and Loren McCray, Member at Large, Bob Young, Member at Large, Jeanette Sterner, Member at Large .  


John Sparks, Board Member  


WGA Nine-Holers Report

Janie Johnson reported that they had their club championship and it went well.

WGA 18-Holers Reports

Jackie Kranz reported that they had their fall flung. The next tournament and last for the year will be the Turkey shoot on November 20.


MGA Reports

Steve Gowan reported that they have a Presidents Cup coming up November 16th. The annual meeting and lunching to follow play.  The election of new board will be at the meeting.  This will end the season.

Steve Gowan Jackie Kranz and Jeannie Johnson Presented a thank you gift to Carl Worley from the men’s and women’s golf association.

Carl thanked everyone.

Course Superintendents Report

Clayton Wood reported that spring dead spot application is completed. Last week they worked on a drainage problem on hole #16. They will be cutting trees for the next few months. All chemicals have been completed for the year.

Water samples were taken from all the lakes and sent in for test and all of them came back clean. Nutrient levels were was very low.


Club Professional Report

Carl Worley said that Daryl has been taking over everything at the Pro Shop and doing an outstanding job.  Carl is closing out his business of the inventory in the pro shop. He said that all special orders must be in by November 21. The inventory will be left in the Pro shop.

Carl said that he would be back for the MGA tournament. He said that his leaving is like leaving family.

General Mangers Report

Rob James said that he will be giving a speech tonight at the employee appreciation dinner tonight.

Rob said he will miss being here as will his kids. He also stated that it is like leaving family.  

Board Liaison Report

Gregg Demko reported that on the transition of the replacement of the General Manager and the Golf Professional.  John Sparks is receiving resumes two firms in Tyler. Daryl is handling the functions of the Golf shop. The Board of director will meet each week with each department head.

Vets association is having their annual Turkey Shoot November 22 and 23.   You can get 1 ball for $1 or 6 for $5.00.  There will also be a putting contest. There will be a veterans memorial in Hawkins at Monday November the 11th a t 2:00PM. They will hang 24 names on the wall. The Hawkins high school is also putting on a presentation at 9:00am.

New Business

Clayton has received the plans from ECI. The plans call for 1036 new sprinkle heads. Currently we have a little over 700.  They will be looking at the layout where the heads will go and if we can do without some of these. This will take about a month to a month and a half. The architect will come back out and do a walk through. This visit and a couple more are already paid for in the original package. This project is a $700,000.00 project to be completed in the next 10 years.

Old Business

Greg reported on the reforesting programs, 88 trees order for the home owners.  Clayton said he can get 100 oaks for $60.00. This program gives us the flexibility to replace the trees that we are losing.  

John thanked Carl and Rob for their work here.  


A motion was made and seconded to adjourn.

Next meeting will be in 2014.