Friday, May 10, 2013


President Richard Trice, called the meeting to order.

Committee Members Present

Richard Trice, President, Clayton Wood, Course Superintendent, Anita Banks, 9 hole WGA Past President, Jackie Kranz, 18 hole WGA President and Secretary, Steve Gowan, MGA President, Bob Young, Member AT Large,   

Committee Members Absent

 John Fruendt, Vice President, Jeanette Sterner, Member at Large, Carl Worley, Golf Club Professional, Loren McCray, Member at Large ,and Janie Johnson, 9 hole WGA President, Anita Banks , Past president attending in her place.


WGA Nine-Holers Report

 Anita Banks reported that their membership is down.

They will be having their Jack and Jill tournament this month and hopefully will get members out to play.

WGA 18-Holers Reports

Jackie Kranz reported the B&B tournament that was held this week all went well. They had approximately 48 players.

The next WGA tournament will be the Orphan Annie. This will be a 2 day tournament held May 18 and 19.

MGA Reports

Steve Gowan reported that they had a two man best ball tournament and it went well. They had 68 players participate. Steve said that the green tees are working well for the tournaments.

They are reviewing plans of what the 20% that they give to the golf course each year should be spent on. They purchased a new grill for the MGA cook out events.

Course Superintendents Report

Clayton Wood reported that he has scheduled aerification of the greens for May 20-21.  However the weather needs to be warmer or he will have to delay.  

They have been rolling the greens and then mowing them. This seems to be working well.

Hole # 7 needs some work on the back of the green.  

Hole # 12 and 13 needs some work along cart paths.

Their part of the landscaping project should be complete next week, except for clean-up.  The lights are going up today however need to reorder 5 busted lights.

They are waiting on the electrician to complete the electrical installation. Paths are going in next week. Hydro mulching scheduled but not until the weather gets warmer.

Club Professional Report

Steve Gowan reported in Carl’s absence that Larry is no longer working and he is short handed in the pro shop. Rob stated they are looking for a young person interested in golf rather than a home owner to fill the position.

General Manager Report

Rob James reported that the open Board meeting they had 13 teams with approximately 230 suggestions/ problems. No golf related problems out of the 230.

Rob also noted that the APET tournament will be held May 14.

Board Liaison Report- Greg Demco

Greg reported that they will be starting a nursery to replenish the trees lost on the golf course. The nursery will be located near the stables.  They will be offering discount prices to the residents of Holly Lake.  They are also looking in to a memorial park by the fish house. This would be trees planted with a memorial plaque.


A motion was made and seconded to adjourn.

Next meeting will be Friday June 14, 2013. .