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Holly Lake Ranch, Texas



Board of directors meeting Dec 13, 2013


Those present were:

Jim Armstrong Past President/ Steve Gowan President

Daryl Dyer Pro/ Stan Reeder Treasurer/ Don Klinker Secretary

Jack Mills - Rusty Garvin

Stan presented the treasurer’s report showing deposits of $470.74 and expenses $1,297.86 for food and awards for President’s Classic, GHIN, and year end bonuses for golf maintenance and pro shop personnel, leaving a balance of $4,126.60.

The positions for 2014 will be: Stan Reeder President, Don Klinker VP/ Tournament Chairman, Rusty Garvin Treasurer, and Jack Mills Secretary.

We congratulated Daryl on his promotion and welcomed him to the MGA Board. We all feel it was a well deserved promotion and look forward to working with Daryl in the coming years.

The GHIN fee has gone up $3. We discussed whether or not to charge this back to MGA members and decided to leave MGA dues at $30 and have a member vote next November to determine whether to keep using GHIN and raise dues or drop GHIN.

Daryl wants everyone to work together in a positive way to improve participation in MGA membership and tournaments.

We had more discussion on tees. Apparently, some players feel they are at a disadvantage with white tee players playing the gold tees. Out of the 190 members we have only approximately 10 that play white tees. Out of those 10,  I wouldn’t think more than 5 play in tourneys.

We will change guest rule in the directory  to read : no more than one guest per member in any tournament.

We had a lengthy discussion on next years tourney schedule. Next year the Feb. and March tourneys will be played in the afternoon to avoid any frost delays. Participation in this years tourneys was decent in all but 3 tourneys. The Draft tourney had the lowest participation with 40 players.  The Club Championship had 44 players and the Red Ball had 48 players.  We don’t believe we can change the Club Championship, but we will look at making changes to the Draft and Red Ball tourneys.  We discussed changing the draft to a computer drawn, 1gross, 1 net tourney.  A decision will be made at our next meeting as to changes in these two tourneys. If we get rid of the Draft tourney that will do away with the Auction. We discussed taking 10% of the player pools for the MGA. If we lose the Auction we will need to find new ways to generate income for the MGA.  We could have some 50/50 pots and maybe a raffle for golf dues.

Respectfully submitted by,

Don Klinker MGA Secretary