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Holly Lake Ranch, Texas



Board of directors meeting Sep. 13, 2013


Those present were:

Jim Armstrong past president Steve Gowan president

Carl Worley pro Stan Reeder treasurer Don Klinker secretary

Absent Ron Jones

Stan presented the treasurer’s report showing expenses for, Awards, Food, and gifts, leaving a balance of $5,214.07.

I reported that the minutes for Aug had been approved by email and posted to the HLR website.

We were informed that due to the problems at Hideaway there would not be a Battle of the Lakes tourney for the men this year.

We will have burgers chips and tea at the draft party in the 19th Hole.

We discussed and approved the purchase of two TV’s (up to $1000) to be put in the 19th Hole. Stan will take care of the purchase.

We discussed doing away with the green tees for next year and decided to put the decision of until next month

Respectfully submitted by,

Don Klinker MGA Secretary