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Holly Lake Ranch, Texas



Board of directors meeting May. 10, 2013


Those present were:

Jim Armstrong past president Steve Gowan president

Carl Worley pro Stan Reeder treasurer Don Klinker secretary

Ron Jones VP / TC

Stan presented the treasurer’s report showing expenses for new gas grill, food & beverage for Apr and May tourneys APET, and perpetual plaque leaving a balance of $5,675.24.

I reported that I’m working on putting together a member survey and asked for suggestions of possible questions.  I still don’t have everyone’s email address.  If you aren’t getting emails from the MGA please send a test email to hlrmga@gmail.com and we will add you to the contacts.

We discussed new possible dates for The Battle of the Lakes and will try to have it in early Sep or early Oct. Ron will get with Hideaway and set a firm date.

We approved sponsoring a hole for the Library tourney.

We discussed putting up signs to direct outside players around the course.

We talked about ways to fix the drop off along the cart path on several holes.

We had a member voice concerns about the green tees so we had a lengthy discussion on the pros and cons of the green tees. With only about 10% of our 190 members playing the white tees; it is impossible to have a white tee division. Our participation rate for tourneys is about 30% so if we had a white tee division we would have 6 entries.  Having the tourney tees allows us to have enough flights so that they are competitive. We also discussed whether we should have an age limit on the senior tees. We feel it up to the individual to decide where he wants to play from. The great thing about golf is that as long as everyone is playing the same course, handicap compensates for the differences in ability.

Respectfully submitted by,

Don Klinker MGA Secretary