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Holly Lake Ranch, Texas



Board of directors meeting Apr. 12, 2013


Those present were:

Ron Jones tournament director Steve Gowan president

Carl Worley pro Stan Reeder treasurer Don Klinker secretary

Absent: Jim Armstrong

Stan presented the treasurer’s report showing expenses for Ghin of $2,775 & $232 food and office. We had deposits of dues and tournament income of $ 680, leaving a balance of $6,568.74.

I reported that I had sent an email to 16 low handicap members to see if I could generate any interest in having a gross flight in the May tourney. I only got three responses so we won’t have a gross flight only net. Carl said a gross flight had been tried several years ago and it didn’t last.

Steve presented rules and pairings for the Battle of the Lakes tournament on Apr 18 & 19. We went over the rules and they were approved by everyone. Carl said he would contact all of the players to remind them of the time and place.

We approved sponsoring a hole for the May 14 APET fund raiser at a cost of $ 100.

There was discussion on the cut off for flighting teams. I think the first and last flights should be smaller because there is usually wider range of handicaps in those flights. Others think the flights should be large to have a better payout. Carl said he looks at the numbers but he has been doing this long enough that he knows which team should be in which flight.

I asked for approval to due a survey to find out what the members want from the MGA and what we can do to get better participation in tournaments. Do members want better payouts or smaller more competitive flights? I got the approval, so I will be working on putting together a survey form.

Respectfully submitted by,

Don Klinker MGA Secretary