I'm interested in Holly Lake Ranch.  Can you send information about available properties and/or rentals?

At this time:

This website is not intended to be a vehicle for the sale of goods or services. However, there are several Real Estate companies in the area who would be willing to work with you to purchase or rent.

Please click on Back  then the text “Local Real Estate agents” for more detail.

We are currently looking for gated communities.  Would you please send info about your property that includes Initiation fees, HOA monthly fees, golf course fees, as well as Real Estate opportunities within the community?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not have any information to mail to you.  

The web site was developed by volunteers as a central source of information for HLR property owners -  without advertising and connection to any business.  Property owners reference the site frequently and many individuals, like yourself, find the site and become interested in Holly Lake Ranch.

Answers to most questions  can be found under "Ranch Detail" or further within this section on the web site. Click on “Back  then  “Ranch Detail


If the web site does not answer all your questions - please contact us again. We will try to get the answer for you and that information is  probably something we should add to the site for future viewers.


Thanks for your interest in HLR - it truly is a great place to live.

We are thinking of moving and would like to visit Holly Lake Ranch. Will we be able to look around?

Since HLR it is a gated community - security will allow entry to residents and invited quests only . However, you can contact any of our local Realtors and they will gladly show you around the Ranch and answer any questions you may have.

Where is Holly Lake Ranch located and how do I get there?

Holly Lake Ranch is located approximately 100 miles east of Dallas,Texas, 100 miles west of Shreveport, Louisiana, 30 miles north of Tyler, TX. and 10 miles north of Hawkins, TX.   Click on “Back  then the text “Area Info”  for a map. Please remember - Holly Lake Ranch is a gated community accessible only to property owners and their guests. Invited guests must check in with Security at the Ranch's main entrance.

Where are local chain stores i.e. Walmart, Sams Club, Home Depot etc ?

Walmart stores are located in Mineola, Gilmer, Lindale, Tyler and Longview.

Sams Club & Home Depot are located in Tyler and Longview.

Lowe’s are located Tyler, Longview and Lindale.

(See estimated drive time below)

Where are the local medical facilities located?

Hospital facilities are located in:

Gilmer, Tyler, Quitman, Winnsboro and Longview

A helicopter pad and ambulance service are located just outside the Ranch entrance.

Medical Clinic - open Monday - Friday - approximately 5 minute drive time.

(See estimated drive time below)

What is the drive time to surrounding towns?

Mineola, Gilmer, Quitman, Winnsboro and Lindale :

drive time approx 20 - 25 minutes

Tyler and Longview:

drive time approximately 35 - 40 minutes.

How far is it to the closest grocery store?

Local grocery store - Brookshires - approximately 10 - 15 minute drive time.

What are the Association dues?

Association fee structure is available from the Admiistration Office 903-769-3646

The golf fee structure is available from the Pro Shop - 903-769-2397

Or contact PattiPalmer at pattihlra@etex.net

Are there additional fees to use the various Ranch amenities - if so, what are they?

All amenities are included in your monthly HOA fee, except the following:

Can you provide more information i.e. tax rate, average temperature etc ?

Our County Seat - (Quitman, Texas)  approx 20 miles west of Holly Lake Ranch has such information on their website.


In what school district is Holly Lake Ranch located?

Holly Lake Ranch is divided into several sections. Sections 3, 6 and the Airpark are located in the Hawkins Independent School District. All other sections of HLR are located in the Harmony Independent School District.

Is high speed communication service available on the Ranch?

The answer is yes, no and maybe.

Holly Lake Ranch is located in a relatively rural area of north Texas. It features wooded, hilly and spacious areas. Consequently it is difficult for some communication providers to justify blanketing the area with service.

ETEX provides high speed service to a very large portion of the Ranch through a fiber optic network. Their service also includes cable TV  and telephone.

There is also a “fixed wireless” service available to a portion of the ranch. This service uses transmitters and receivers to provide the high speed service to a fixed location in your home. Because this service is more or less "line of sight" not all homes are serviceable. The provider indicates a fairly large portion of the ranch is reachable. Each home site must be evaluated to make sure such obstacles such as trees. hills, buildings etc. will not interfere with the transmission.

As you can see the answer is really not an easy answer.  Yes, no and maybe.

If high speed communications is critical to you - we suggest you work with your Real Estate Broker or your builder to make sure you have service available to your site.

Can any size boat run on the lake?

There are five lakes on property and any size boat can operate on any of the lakes. However, on Holly Lake the horsepower is limited to 10 HP. Although, you can use a boat with a larger motor on Holly Lake by only using a trolling motor to navigate with as long as you do not crank up your big motor. If you need the big motor to trailer or un-trailer your boat at Holly Lake that is acceptable as well, as long as the big motor is limited to loading or unloading.

Are there alligators and snakes on the Ranch and is there a limit to the number of pets a property owner may have?

East Texas is a natural habitat for alligators - consequently most lakes in East Texas have alligators.. Water sports are very prominent in the lakes and we have never had an issue with an alligator. Alligators do not like to be where people are. The Ranch does keep an eye on alligator activity and since they are a protected specie - we have them removed.

We do not have a limit to the number of pets you can have - check out the “Rule & Regulations” Section of the site.

East Texas is also a natural habitat for snakes. For the record, snake and/or alligator sightings are infrequent.

Holly Lake Ranch is located in a wooded area of East Texas. Consequently there are animals here that are native to the area and just as you would in any wooded area - care must be taken.

Can you provide me with additional (detailed) information about the Airport?

Click here for more specific information

When a comment is sent to you from the "comments" page - what do you do with it?

The "comments" we have received generally can be divided into 3 categories:

1) General comments - Feedback on the content and or quality of the website. The comments have been very positive and we do appreciate reading them.

2) Suggestions - Possible additions to the website. We have received many suggestion and most have or are in the process of being implemented. We welcome all suggestions. As a matter of fact - this page, of FAQ's, was suggested by several people.

3) Questions - Any question submitted through the "comments" page is either answered by us or is directed, via email, to the appropriate party. If we send the question to a third party - the sender of the question is copied on the email. It is our intent to obtain an answer to every question submitted.

In addition to the "comments" page there are several email addresses listed on the website that allow you to send an email direct.

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