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Holly Lake Ranch, Texas



Board of directors meeting Feb 7, 2013


Those present were:

Jim Armstrong past president Steve Gowan president

Carl Worley pro Stan Reeder treasurer Don Klinker secretary

Absent Ron Jones

Stan presented the treasurers report showing a few expenses for green tees and deposits of dues, leaving a balance of $8,911.78.

I reported that the directory is almost ready for the printer and that we are still working to get everyone’s email address. Members, if you aren’t getting emails from the MGA please send a test email to hlrmga@gmail.com and we will add you to the contacts.

We discussed the Club Championship and decided the Championship flight will play Blue tees, senior flight White tees, Super Senior Gold tees and all open flights will play the Green tees.

We discussed changing the President’s Classic to a money paying tourney instead of tee favors; but it was decided that it is the President’s tourney and he picks the tee favors.

It was brought to our attention that the grill at the fish camp needed to be repaired or replaced and Steve said he would take care of it.

The Green tees will be put out on 2/19. The Greens Committee will decide if they can stay out all the time or just for tournaments.

Since we won’t be at the fish camp for the first tourney, it was suggested we check with the 19th Hole to see if they can offer us a special for Sat.

Stan asked Carl if the MGA could help with the East Texas Junior Championship being played here on 8/6/13. Carl said he would let us know what we could do.

Before new score cards are ordered, we will form a committee to rate the difficulty of the holes from the different tees.

Respectfully submitted by,

Don Klinker MGA Secretary