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Holly Lake Ranch, Texas



Board of director meeting Jan 11, 2013


Those present were:  Jim Armstrong past president    Steve Gowan president

                                 Stan Reeder      treasurer            Don Klinker  secretary

Carl Worley  pro

Steve presented treasurers report showing expenses for the month of $1500 for bonuses, leaving a balance of $4,793.49 for this year.

Carl presented a tournament schedule faxed to him by Ron Jones. We decided to use the same weekends as last year. The tournament schedule will be basically the same except for the March tournament, which will be 4 man computer drawn, 1 gross and 2 net, 3 out of 4 balls. The six man red ball will be computer drawn. It was proposed to change the 6-6-6 to computer drawn, but it was decided that it was hard enough to play alternate shot with your buddy, let alone someone the computer gives you. So we decided to leave it as pick your partner. We will try match play again to see if we get a better response with everyone playing from the same tees.

The color of the tournament tees was discussed and it was decided that they would be green.

Stan setup an email address for the MGA. hlrmga@gmail.com If you have comments, suggestions, complaints or that a boys, please send them to this email.

It was decided that we would try to do The Battle of the Lakes with Hideaway again this year, the dates will be Apr 18 & 19.

The subject of cheating was brought up, but it was decided that it is already covered in the by-laws.  There will be no further action unless we continue to get complaints.

Respectfully submitted by,

Don Klinker, secretary