March 14, 2014

I. Wayne Lapsley, President of the Greens Committee, opened the meeting at 0930.  Committee members present include: Becky Gowan, Martha Burks, Stan Reeder, Greg Demko, Jeanette Sterner,  Daryl Dryer, and Eric Eitle.  

II.  Club Reports.

A. Becky Gowan, President of the 18-Holers, said they had 40 members play in the “Spring Fling.”

B. Martha Burks, President of the 9-Holers, similarly talked about their “Spring Fling.”  They had 12 ladies play.

C. Stan Reeder, President of MGA, said they now have 171 members.  The two tournaments they have had so far were well attended by the members.  The next tournament will be April 12 & 13.

III.  Golf Course Superintendent’s Report & General Manager’s Report – Eric Eitle gave both reports since John was unable to make the meeting.

A. Current Projects include:

1. They will begin grinding down some of the high spots on the golf cart paths.  Tree roots have caused cracks in the concrete.  Some areas are bulging so it makes for a rough ride on the cart paths.  Some MGA members are going to help with this project. Initially, holes 1 & 9 will be done the first two weeks of April.

2. The crew will begin dredging hole #12.  A backhoe will used along the edges of the pond.    

3. John and Eric have been spending a lot of time researching ways of ridding Lake Greenbriar of the algae that is negatively effecting fishing and boating.   Eric hopes to lower Lake Greenbriar later in 2014, so that work can begin on getting rid of the algae.  If we have a cold winter like we have had so far this year, a good freeze will kill the algae along the edges of the lake.

4. John is going to work on improving the greens with some new mowing techniques.  Plus, John has a machine that will reduce the thatch.  These techniques will be used on a trial basis so see how effective they are.

5. John is going to put sod on the right side hole 1.  

6. John and Eric have a two-phased project to improve the drainage on hole #5.  The plan will eliminate so much water draining toward the houses along the fairway, which wastes both rainwater and water from the sprinkler system. Instead use drains and piping so more water stays on the fairway and the green.  

7. Improvements of the maintenance barn will continue.  The area looks better already.    

IV.  Golf Pro’s Report – Daryl Dryer

A. Daryl said after the time change, players have to be on the putting green at 8:45 and play will begin at 9:00.  The afternoon players have to be on the putting green at 1:45 and will begin play at 2:00.  

B. Twilight golf begins at 6:00pm.  If you want to play, call by 5:00pm.  The fee is $10.  

C. Daryl was asked about notifying golfers if there is a change in the schedule.  Daryl said he puts a message on the answering machine if there is a change.  He said if there is no golf due to weather, you will receive a message when you call the pro shop.

D. Daryl buys new range balls twice a year.  

V. HLRA General Manager’s Report – Eric Eitle (see item III.)

VI.  New Business – The following items were presented and discussed:

A.  The MGA and WGA are planning to refurbish the men’s and ladies’ restrooms on the golf course.  If you have any suggestions or can help with the project, tell Daryl.  

B. A “divot repair day” will soon be scheduled on a Tuesday.  Once the date is set, mark your calendar and join in the fun.

There was no further business. Greg Demko made a motion to adjourn.  Jeanette Sterner gave a second to the motion.  The motion passed.

Minutes Submitted by Jeanette Sterner, Secretary

Greens Committee

Meeting Minutes