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Holly Lake Ranch, Texas



Hole-in-one & Special Achievements


March 14th Connie Wagoner Moore hole #4


June 13th Jake Johnson shot two strokes below his age 76

April 15th  Dick Latham shoots three below his age of 78. Shoots 75

Witnesses: B.C. Fairchild, George Lehman, Fred Mcconnell

April 6th Gary Enochs  hole #4   using an 8 iron  158 yards

Witnesses: James Rosser, Eric Radde, Jerry Ferguson

April 6th  Mike Fleming  hole #4  using a 3 wood   158 yards

Witnesses: Woody Gasperin, Pat Carlisle,Mike Dunham

March 18th Charlie Cox made his hole in one on #17 131 yards using a 8 iron.

Witness by John Westfall, Monroe Parker, Stan Reeder, Ben Witcher


June ?  John Westfall aced  hole #17 - 150 yards using 8 iron

June 15th Don Hensley aced hole # 17 - 170 yards using a 5 iron

Witness: Gary Weeks

June 13th Ruth Cox aced hole #4 140 yards using a driver.

Witnesses: Shirley Larson,Ruth Linker, Evelyn Key.

June 7th John Westfall aced  hole # 17 - 150 yards using a 8 iron
 Witness: Bobby Mcgregor, Don Bradley, Stan Reeder

May 23rd -  Don Teems Aced hole #4 158 yards using a 4 iron
Witnesses:Larry Kearby, Don Stokesbury, Tom Ehrenfried, George Lehman

Ken Gorman aced hole #14  180 yds

witnesses:Tony Varderman, David Woods, Don Williams, Jack Callicut

March 5th - Daniel Ventura   aced hole # 4  158 yards  using a 4 wood
witnesses:pete crocker, tommy vardeman, ray morgan, jack callicutt


Nov 30th - Cliff Moore shot his age (75) today.

Witnesses: Don Stokesbury, George Bruner & Larry Kearby - all in the “Buzz” group.

July 12th - Teresea Whaley aced the #7 hole using a 8 iron. During the East Texas Ladies

Whitnesses - Mackie Meeks & Carol Balcer

July 2nd - Robert Dodd aced the *7 hole using 2 Hybrid

Witnesses: Jack Mills, Vic Kliewer & Jerry Ferguson

June 17th - Ted Mitchell aced the #7 - 11 Yds with a 5 wood.

Witnesses: Bob Blanton, John Fontana & Don Mills

April 28th - Joe Finney aced hole #7 - 110 yds with a 8 iron.

Witnesses: John Westfall, Jeremy Pollard & Harvey Sauter

April 19th - Becky Gowan aced hole # 14 - 150 yds

Witnesses: Steve Gowan, Jim Mumford, Sue Mumford, Bill Fisher, Connie Moore

April 14th - Hazel Hampton  aced #14 with a Driver

Witnesses: Reta Brown, Ida Brewer, Betty Curtis

April 13th  - Shari Bledsoe aced #17 112 yds with a 5 Hybrid

Witnesses: Reta Brown, Judy Ferris, Gerri O’Neil, Jewell Campbell

Feb 25th -  Shirley Larsen aced # 4, with a 5 wood.

Witnesses were Connie Moore, Stephanie Gaskill and Suzy Pollard

Jan 26th - Butch Gardner aced the #7 Hole (110 yds) using a 9 iron.

Witnesses: Susan Gardner, Jeriann Bayley & Lee Bayley

Jan 6th - Bob Tayne aced the #7 Hole (110 yd's) using a 8 iron

Witnesses: Jack Callicutt, Jerry Key, David Woods


Dec 16th - Fred Manley aced the #4 hole (171 yd's) using a 8 iron.

Witnesses: Danny Layman, Tim Discher, Bill Kirk

Nov 6th - Guy Hestand aced hole #17 (150 yd's) using a 5 iron

Witnesses: Jim Mumford, Bob Nystrom, Mike Stephens

Oct 1st - Charlie Corbin aced Hole #17 using 8 hybrid

Witnessed by John Rhoads

Sept 22nd - Jim Atchley aced Hole #4 (158 yds) using #5 Hybird

Witnesses: Mike Dunham, Mike Fleming & Woody Gasperin

Sept 7th - Robert Singley aced Hole No. 14 during the Library Tournament - 180 yds using 5 Wood.

Aug 7th - Maureen Scritchfield aced the No. 17 hole, using her 6-iron,  

Witnesses: were her husband, Terry, Jay Blint and Alan Chapman.

May 10th - Vanette Ball,  aced Hole #17  using her driver just in time for her 80th  birthday.

May 10th - Errol Freeman shot his age - actually Mr. Freeman bettered

  his age by 3 - he carded a 74

      Witnesses: Bobby McGregor, Joe Denton, Ron Szczepanski

April 5th - Joe Denton using a 4 Hybrid aced the #4 hole

Witnesses: Bobby McGreger, Errol Freeman, Ron Szczepanski, Greg Demko