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Holly Lake Ranch, Texas

Play day results

Tournament results

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2014 WGA Tournaments

Invitation to join


Full Membership is open to those women who are property owners at Holly Lake Ranch, have paid their golf dues, and are at least 18 years of age. WGA yearly dues are $35.

The WGA has Play Days every Wednesday morning at the regular Shot-gun start tee time.  Various formats are played each week, and range from “Team” scrambles and games to “Individual” games. Numerous tournaments are also played during the year.

It’s a great way to meet new people and join in the fun of friendly competition.

                                  WE WELCOME ALL !!

Hole-in-One 2014

(3-14-14 #4 par 3)

Connie Wagoner Moore"!!


18 Holers


06   Suzy Pollard

08   Marsha Carpenter

12   Shirley Larsen

14   Kim Shoemaker

22   Ruddie Anderson

Happy Birthday



President’s Cup Winner:  

Sarah Keith


Club Champion:  

Connie Moore


Sr. Club Champion:  

Glennda Farrell


Super Sr.

Club Champion:  

Diana Ehringer


Vice-President  &

Tournament  Chairman



Playday Chairman

Social Chairman

Courtesy Chairman

B & B Representative

East Texas Representative

Central Texas Representative

Texas Women’s Amateur Golf

& Texas Sr Women’s Rep .

Battle of the Lakes Rep.

Greens Committee

Immediate Past President


Web Site

Year Book

Communications Committee


Holly Lake Golf Pro

Greens Keeper      

Becky Gowan

Sarah Keith & Carol O’Dea

Diana Ehringer

Pam Schmidt

Shari Bledsoe & Linda Taylor

Brenda Green

Patty Reeder

Dorothy Madden

Margo Dowell

Sharon Thorson

Mary Ann Bradshaw

Jackie Kranz & Connie Moore

Becky Gowan & Sue Mumford

Jackie Kranz

Sue Mumford

Pauletta Lapsley

Jane Beams

Becky Gowan & Sarah Keith

Diane Stinchcomb

Daryl Dyer

John Quezada

President:   Becky Gowan

Vice-President & Tournament Chairmen:

Sarah Keith & Carol O’Dea

Secretary: Diana Ehringer

Treasurer: Pam Schmidt

Playday Chairmen: Shari Bledsoe & Linda Taylor

2014 HLRWGA Meetings

(Last Wed of the Month)

(Meeting Dates)

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Officers for 2014