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Holly Lake Ranch, Texas

Contractor/Delivery Access

Introduction of the Security Department and the Rules, Regulations and the Procedures

that affect Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Delivery Personnel, Workers and etc.

that enter onto Holly Lake Ranch property.

For the purpose of this document the words Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Delivery Personnel and etc.  will be refereed to as Workers


    Holly Lake Ranch is a Private Gated Community and it is important to remember that when you enter onto these premises you are a guest. With that said, it also important to remember that Workers do not have a guaranteed right to enter onto Holly Lake Ranch. Entering onto Holly Lake Ranch by Workers is considered a privilege, and that privilege can be revoked. It is This Departments goal to provide our citizens with as peaceful and safe environment as possible and we will do everything within or means to ensure this objective. New home construction, remodeling, maintenance, yard work, and etc. are all vital parts of the lifeblood of Holly Lake Ranch and this Department is very aware of that. However, we do not need any viruses infecting the serenity of our community. The following rules and procedures are in place to assist you and our membership to achieve a harmonious relationship necessary for the future success of Holly Lake Ranch.

Entrance Procedure for Workers


Jobsites are classified into 2 categories:  (1) Inhabited; and (2) Uninhabited: (1) Inhabited jobsites are completed homes and/or where there is a resident whether, full or part-time. (2) Uninhabited jobsites are new homes under construction.

(A) Accessing an Inhabited Jobsite

In order to access an inhabited jobsite within Holly Lake Ranch, the respective property owner must first call the Security Office and sponsor you through the gate. Keep in mind that you are sponsored by that individual member and are allowed to go only to and from and without detour to that respective location.

(B) Accessing an Uninhabited Jobsite

In order to access an uninhabited jobsite within Holly Lake Ranch the Main Contractor must first supply the Security Department with a Sub-Contractors List on or before the date the job is started. In the event an employee or sub-contractor's services are terminated or a new employee or sub-contractor is hired, the Main Contractor must notify the Security Department to make the appropriate changes. Again, the Worker is only to go without detour to that respective jobsite. Contractors, Employees, and Sub-Contractors who are on a supplied list must provide the officer at the gate with an Official State Issued ID. (I.e. Driver's license, ID card Concealed Carry Permit, etc.) and their destination's section and lot number before they will be admitted.

Those workers found in any other location other than their specified jobsite or

traveling directly to and from their respective jobsite

will be subject to Criminal Trespass Laws of the State of Texas.

(C) Work Hours

Workers will not be permitted to work from dusk and dawn. Those found in violation will be cited.

(D) Citations

All citations must be responded to by 10 days. Those failing to respond within the 10 days will be banned from Holly Lake Ranch.