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Holly Lake Ranch, Texas

Member/Guest Services

Member and Guest Admission

    It is the goal of this Department to provide a pleasant and efficient experience for all members, guest and workers, while entering through the gates of Holly Lake Ranch, and at the same time being courteous while denying access to unannounced or unwanted guests. It is imperative to the achievement of this goal to have the cooperation of our membership. The following will explain how this program should work.

1. Destinations within Holly Lake ranch are classified as either inhabited or uninhabited. An inhabited destination is defined as any completed and furnished home, even if there are no full time residents living there. An uninhabited destination is simply a vacant lot or where the home is still under construction. If you are expecting someone to come to an inhabited destination you must notify the Security Office of their impending arrival. The only exception to this is, Verizon (phone company), Upshur Rural Electric Coop (power company), Federal Express (FedEx), Airborne Express, and United Parcel Service (UPS). All other expected arrivals should be announced to the security office.

2. When you are expecting a guest please call the Security Office in advance of their expected arrival. Preferably, at least 30 minutes before they are expected. This gives the officer time to enter the information into the system and be transferred to the appropriate computer.

3. There are three types of guests: one-time, extended, and permanent. Unless otherwise advised all guests are logged as one-time guests. A one-time guest's information will automatically be purged from the admit list at midnight of each night. Therefore, if you are calling the day or days before your guests are expected you must let the officer know this, so the guest may be entered as an extended type. If your guest are expecting to come in and out of the gates here for more than one day or if they are not expected or wanted to arrive until a certain date the extended list should be utilized. If you wish to put family or close friends on a permanent list we also have that capability now.

To simplify, just tell the attending officer, either your guest(s) first and last name or the company name of those you are expecting, and the date(s) and/or duration of their visit or if they will be permanently allowed to come to your home.

4. In the case of an unannounced or unexpected guest(s) arrives we will do what we can to get in touch with the respective member for authorization. At times due to extenuating circumstances (i.e., emergencies, high volume of traffic, etc.) we will direct the visitors to the pay phone in front of the restaurant to call, so you can in turn call us for their entry authorization.

5. If the guest is an extended guest, the officer at the gate will offer them a visitor's pass to expedite their entrance for the duration of their stay.

House Check

This program is intended for full time residents while away for a period of time not to exceed two (2) months. It is not intended to be used for long-term use by homeowners who do not permanently reside at Holly Lake Ranch. The following will explain how this program works.

1. On the day you are departing, call the Security Office and advise the attending officer that you need to be placed on the “House Check”.

2. The officer will then ask you for your name, section and lot number, and when you are leaving and expect to return.

3. The officer will then ask you for an emergency number or for a designated contact (i.e., a neighbor, a relative, your cell phone number or your destination's number) in case there is a problem at home.

4. If you are receiving a newspaper call their office and have the delivery suspended during the duration of your absence.

5. On the initial evening of being entered onto the log, an officer will walk around your house, checking all doors and windows to see if they are locked. After the initial walk around, houses will be checked by driving by in the daytime, and spotlighting at nighttime.

Emergency Contact Numbers

This service is for the event something unfortunate should happen to you, a family member, a guest, or your property and we need to get in contact someone in order to assist you. If you are a widow, widower or otherwise live alone this service could prove to be invaluable. If you would like to take advantage of this service, (1) come by the Security Office and ask the attending officer for a blank “Emergency Contact Information” form. (2) Complete the form including all the information that you feel may be helpful. (3) Then return the form to the Security Office. In the event we should need this information to help you, we will have it on hand for a quick and efficient response. This information will be kept private and only used in case of an emergency.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

·     Street Patrol

·     Responses to all emergencies

·     Enforcement of all Rules, Regulations, Subdivision Restrictions and traffic regulations

For All of Your Safety and Security Needs, Call (903) 769-2164

For Emergencies, Call

(903) 769-4371 or 9-1-1